Multiomics Research

Calibra Multiomics Research and Development Center

Calibra has long been committed to using multiomics technology (such as metabolomics and proteomics) to generate big data for clinical research and development, as well as for innovative mass spectrometry applications in translational medicine. Calibra multiomics platforms include the proprietary CalOmics metabolomics platform and proteomics platform.

Calibra also has quantitative mass spectrometry platform that can carry out accurate qualitative and absolute quantitative analysis of more than 300 various metabolites. We can provide customized mass spectrometry assay method development to detect small molecule metabolites, as well as IVD reagents development and manufacturing.  A wide variety of IVD products based on clinical mass spectrometry have been developed at Calibra, and these products target common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, tumors, and intestinal microbiome related diseases

By 2022, we have participated or assisted in the publication of more than 30 research articles with a total impact factor of more than 300, and some of these articles are published on top journals such as Cell, Cell Discovery, and Gastroenterology.


Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of ~300 metabolites


Published nearly 100 papers


Total publication impact factors>300

Integrative Multiomics Solutions


Untargeted Global Metabolomics ,
Customized Method Development and Translational Research ,
Targeted Mass Spectrometry Assays


Qualitative Assay,

Protein Quantification ,

Post-translational Modifications,

Targeted Protein Assay


  • Amplicon Sequencing,
  • Metagenomic Sequencing


  • Single Cell Sequencing

Integrative Analysis

  • Metabolomics+Proteomics,
  • Metabolomics+Transcriptomics,

  • Metabolomics+Microbiome